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Sunday, May 29, 2011

How To Tie Up Your Shoes : Idea Explained And Demonstrated by a TED Speaker

           Terry Moore found out he'd been tying his shoes the wrong way his whole life. In the spirit of TED, he takes the stage to share a better way. (Historical note: This was the very first 3-minute audience talk given from the TED stage, in 2005.)
 How To Tie A Shoe  - Idea by a TED Speaker

About Speaker:
          Terry Moore directs the Radius Foundation in New York, which, as its website says, "seeks new ways of exploring and understanding dissimilar conceptual systems or paradigms -- scientific, religious, philosophical, and aesthetic -- with the aim to find a world view of more complete insight and innovation. The Radius Foundation is a forum for different views."

          The foundation has published several works that examine the intersection of religion and metaphysics with science and social action.

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