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Friday, September 24, 2010

Planning To Attend The Group Discussion Round - Microsoft Student Partner 2010 Selection

Hello Guys,

           You people might have already known that Microsoft Student Partner 2010 Selection on process. And yes, I have also applied for the same. I have already gone through three round already, and now planning to attend a Orientation/Group Discussion program on 26th of September in Coimbatore Institute of Engineering and Technology, Coimbatore.
           And it is only an optional round, mentioned in Official MSP website. And here are the snap of first three rounds...

Round 1:
        The very 1st Round of the MSP 2010 selection is a simple registration round. And there is nothing more technical in that.

Round 2:
        The second round of the MSP 2010 selection is a bit interesting one. And they filter most of the people here. We were asked to prepare 2 videos, one is a COMMUNICATION Video and other is a LEADERSHIP Video.

In the Communication Video, we will be talking about any particular Microsoft's Technology(We have to choose one from a list of technologies that was given to us by MSP Selection Team).

I choosed Asp.Net Web Application Development

And when saying about the Leadership Video, we must Interview personality, such a Teacher, An Entrepreneur, A Social Person and so on... And we must discuss with them regarding the LEADERSHIP...
       For this, i interviewed the Director, Faculty of Management Studies, Bannari Amman Institute of Technology. He is Mr.Suresh Kumar. He is not only a Teacher, but also an Entrepreneur, who was a back bone of many entrepreneurs, and also a bank employee. He has a vast of experience of over 28 years in the field of Business Administration. It was really my first interview session with personality who has such a great experience and knowledge. It was really a mind blowing and an informative interview session.

Most important of these 2 videos is that we must be visible in these videos and our voice must be clearly audible to the viewers....

Round 3:
        The 3rd Round is a Technical Round. It is a Technical Quiz, which is hosted in the ImagineCup website. It is ITChallenge. It was on 22nd of September.

Finally now planning to attend the ORIENTATION & GROUP DISCUSSION program in CIET, Coimbatore. It is scheduled on 26th of September(current update).

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