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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Google Mail's Keyboard Shortcut

      These are the list of Gmail shortcuts with which you can master your gmail, sending your mails ever faster than before.... Just make a look at this and enjoy your time...... For, further more details, visit, http://resourse-centre.vivekanandan.in/onlinefacts/gmail-shortcuts

Shortcut KeyDefinitionAction
cComposeAllows you to compose a new message.  + c allows you to compose a message in a new window.
/SearchPuts your cursor in the search box.
kMove to newer conversationOpens or moves your cursor to a more recent conversation. You can hit  to expand a conversation.
jMove to older conversationOpens or moves your cursor to the next oldest conversation. You can hit  to expand a conversation.
nNext messageMoves your cursor to the next message. You can hit  to expand or collapse a message. (Only applicable in 'Conversation View.')
pPrevious messageMoves your cursor to the previous message. You can hit  to expand or collapse a message. (Only applicable in 'Conversation View.')
o or OpenOpens your conversation. Also expands or collapses a message if you are in 'Conversation View.'
uReturn to conversation listRefreshes your page and returns you to the inbox, or list of conversations.
eArchiveArchive your conversation from any view.
mMuteArchives the conversation, and all future messages skip the Inbox unless sent or cc'd directly to you. Learn more.
xSelect conversationAutomatically checks and selects a conversation so that you can archive, apply a label, or choose an action from the drop-down menu to apply to that conversation.
sStar a message or conversationAdds or removes a star to a message or conversation. Stars allow you to give a message or conversation a special status.
!Report spamMarks a message as spam and removes it from your conversation list.
rReplyReplies to the message sender.  + r allows you to reply to a message in a new window. (Only applicable in 'Conversation View.')
aReply allReplies to all message recipients.  +a allows you to reply to all message recipients in a new window. (Only applicable in 'Conversation View.')
fForwardForwards a message.  + f allows you to forward a message in a new window. (Only applicable in 'Conversation View.')
Escape from input fieldRemoves the cursor from your current input field.
+ s
Save draft
Saves the current text as a draft when composing a message. Hold the  key while pressing s and make sure your cursor is in one of the text fields -- either the composition pane, or any of the To, CC, BCC, or Subject fields -- when using this shortcut.
Moves the conversation to Trash.
Opens the Labels menu to label a conversation.
Move to
Moves the conversation from the inbox to a different label, Spam or Trash.
+ iMark as readMarks your message as 'read' and skip to the next message.
+ uMark as unreadMarks your message as 'unread' so you can go back to it later.
[Archive and previousArchives your conversation and moves to the previous  one.
]Archive and nextArchives your conversation and moves to the next one.
zUndoUndoes your previous action, if possible (works for actions with an 'undo' link).
+ nUpdate current conversationUpdates your current conversation when there are new messages.
qMove cursor to chat searchMoves your cursor directly to the chat search box.
yRemove from Current View*Automatically removes the message or conversation from your current view.
  • From 'Inbox,' 'y' means Archive
  • From 'Starred,' 'y' means Unstar
  • From 'Trash,' 'y' means Move to inbox
  • From any label, 'y' means Remove the label
* 'y' has no effect if you're in 'Spam,' 'Sent,' or 'All Mail.'
.Show more actionsDisplays the 'More Actions' drop-down menu.
+ Opens options in Chat
  • + moves from edit field in your chat window to select the 'Video and more' menu
  • Next, press to select the emoticon menu
  • Press to open the selected menu
?Show keyboard shortcuts helpDisplays the keyboard shortcuts help menu within any  page you're on.

Combo-keys - Use the following combinations of keys to navigate through Gmail.
Shortcut KeyDefinitionAction
then Send messageAfter composing your message, use this combination to send it automatically. (Supported in Internet Explorer and Firefox, on Windows.)
y then oArchive and nextArchives your conversation and moves to the next one.
g then aGo to 'All Mail'Takes you to 'All Mail,' the storage site for all mail you've ever sent or received (and have not deleted).
g then sGo to 'Starred'Takes you to all conversations you have starred.
g then cGo to 'Contacts'Takes you to your Contacts list.
g then dGo to 'Drafts'Takes you to all drafts you have saved.
g then lGo to 'Label'Takes you to the search box with the "label:" operator filled in for you.
g then iGo to 'Inbox'Returns you to the inbox.
g then tGo to 'Sent Mail'Takes you to all mail you've sent.
* then aSelect allSelects all mail.
* then nSelect noneDeselects all mail.
* then rSelect readSelects all mail you've read.
* then uSelect unreadSelects all unread mail.
* then sSelect starredSelects all starred mail.
* then tSelect unstarredSelects all unstarred mail.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Blog on Technical Symposiums updated ...

One of my ten  weblogs, which is about the Technical Symposiums, that are conducted in India, is updated with two conferences.. One among them is a conference that is listed in IEEE conferences.. Move to http://tech-symposiums.blogspot.com

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

How to remove Blogger's Navigation strip

The next rocking video, showing you how to remove the Blogger's Blogspot navigation bar or the navigation strip .. It is really possible and the below video will show you how to do that ..Post your comments here ..
Watch this video in YouTube also ... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_RoQsfwvhS4

 This video will make you blog a great one .. For more help and tutorials regarding Blogger, just send me a message to my email id.. You will find my email ids in Contact Me

Friday, June 18, 2010

Google Servers - 1 Million and Counting ......

       Google is the king of internet and internet related apps. Just imagine the product counts Google, starting from  Gmail, Google Search, Google Image Search, Google Book Search, Google Blog Search, Google Picasa, Google Gtalk, Google Translate, Google Maps, Google Groups, Google Docs, Google Fonts, Google Adsense , Google Adwords, Google Webmaster Tools, Google Sites,....

hpppppppppppppp... weight .. i still have a list
YouTube, Blogger, Orkut etc and so so many ........................ Imagine what these Google will do to maintain all these things in servers...

 Click the below link to read more about Google Servers

Adding FAVICON to Google Sites

This is my 2nd video tutorial about showing how to add a favicon to the Google Sites... You may request for more tutorials or tutorial videos to .. Write me to vivekanandan@vivekanandan.in .. I'm pleased providing you the quality based technical video tutorials .... See this video on a large size in my website ....
please post your comments about this video here, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jErIV48mgk4

Customizing Windows 7 Desktop

Welcome to Vivsoft Tutorials... This is my first video tutorial.... And this tutorial is about Customizing the Windows 7 Desktop... Changing the themes for Windows 7 and downloading the beautiful and classic themes from Microsoft's Official Website..
And view this video in my website also...

Thursday, June 17, 2010

My first video tutorial ever reaching the international network tonight

Hello guys ...
Cool day ....... My first video tutorial on Customizing the Windows 7 Desktop comes to online tonight... Share with your friends and post your comments ...................
Wait for the tutorial till tonight

Windows 7 Support !!!

Are you Windows 7 lover.... Do you have any mishaps with your operating system... Are you want to configure your operating system to your style. Or you want you computer's desktop to shine as you wanted.

Just visit the website below, you will get a lot of help from the official windows 7 support centre....

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Top 10 Reasons to Get Certified

       Nowadays getting certified by a giant organization is a most wanted thing among the current youths...
Is this healthy .... Will this earn you something ..... Will this earn you name ?

                                                        or READ BELOW
      A technical certification can do a lot for your career, and for you personally. Here are the Top 10 reasons to obtain a credential.

  • Hiring Advantages Over Non-Certified Competitors

  •         If you're in competition with others for a job, having a certification can give you that needed boost. An employer can see that you're serious about your career, and willing to put in extra time and money to get certified.

    With a single click, you will donated a cup of staple food to a hungry Indian

    Hunger remains the No.1 cause of death in the world.
    1/3rd of the world’s hungry live in India.
    5 Indians die every minute from hunger.
    25 lakh Indians die every year from hunger.

                  Now ... You are going to visit a website, which is not going to ask you for any paid membership, or even a free membership. But with a single mouse click on a button, you are proudly going to donate a cup of staple food for a hungry Indian.... A site of a non profit organization,

    Bhookh.com - India's first free-charity NGO I The hunger site
     to donate through the UN
    Click Here to visit the site

    Severe Football Accidents

              Even after these things, there are hearts to love this football game vigorously and madly (may be i, one among them) ...... Only God can help these people. Basically, all sports and games where started for the purpose maintaining oneself healthy both mentally and physically... And other reason was to maintain a healthy relationship with foreign countries...

    And i don't think that all these players are healthy.... I fear whether these heroes are now able to walk...

    Monday, June 14, 2010

    Adding Beautyful fonts in blogger/blogspot using Google Fonts

    Blogger allows you to add some stylish beautiful fonts from Google Fonts Directory, so that you will be able to post your blogs with stylish headings and texts... It is really simple...

    How to Add Google Fonts in Blogger Blogs

    Google has made it really easy for anyone to embed a font in the blog. Just follow these steps:

    1- Go to Google Font Directory.

    2- Select a font from the list there.

    3- On the next page, click Get the code link.

    4- You'll see some code...                                                                  
        This is the code we need but when I copied and used this code in Blogger, an error occurred. To deal with the error, you have to close the link tag by adding /(slash) right before > in the above code
        So, whichever font you use, just add a / before > in the code of that font. For now, copy the above code and go to your Blogger account.


    5- Go to Layout then Edit HTML tab and find closing head HTML tag (). After that, paste the step 4 code right before tag.
        After adding the code, save your template.

    6- Now, we can use this font in headings and text.

    Get the Vivsoft Resource Centre fans banner and fix it in your site.

    If you are really happy with the products of Vivsoft Resource Centre then just fix this image banner in your blog or web page and so your friends may also know about Vivsoft Resource Centre.
    And the html code for this banner is in the http://vivekanandan.in/resourse-centre....

    Vivekanandan Manokaran - My Personal Web Blog: Waka Waka -- This time is for Africa (FIFA 2010 Anthem)

    Vivekanandan Manokaran - My Personal Web Blog: Waka Waka -- This time is for Africa (FIFA 2010 Anthem)

    Waka Waka -- This time is for Africa (FIFA 2010 Anthem)

    Hi friends....

    I enjoyed this video and i have it here for you to enjoy the rhythm ... it is for you now, with lyrics

    Shakira's work for the FIFA 2010 in South Africa... The TradeMark song of the FIFA 2010...


    You're a good soldier
    Choosing your battles
    Pick yourself up
    And dust yourself off
    And back in the saddle

    You're on the frontline
    Everyone's watching
    You know it's serious
    We're getting closer
    This isnt over

    The pressure is on
    You feel it
    But you've got it all
    Believe it

    When you fall get up
    Oh oh...
    And if you fall get up
    Oh oh...

    Tsamina mina
    Cuz this is Africa

    Tsamina mina eh eh
    Waka Waka eh eh

    Tsamina mina zangalewa
    Anawa aa
    This time for Africa

    Listen to your god
    This is our motto
    Your time to shine
    Dont wait in line
    Y vamos por Todo

    People are raising
    Their Expectations
    Go on and feed them
    This is your moment
    No hesitations

    Today's your day
    I feel it
    You paved the way
    Believe it

    If you get down
    Get up Oh oh...
    When you get down
    Get up eh eh...

    Tsamina mina zangalewa
    Anawa aa
    This time for Africa

    Tsamina mina eh eh
    Waka Waka eh eh

    Tsamina mina zangalewa
    Anawa aa

    Tsamina mina eh eh
    Waka Waka eh eh
    Tsamina mina zangalewa
    This time for Africa

    Web blog about Tiruppur - Updated

    The active web blog about Tiruppur is now updated with most wanted information. I have received several mails regarding this web blog about Tiruppur. Very happy to get about 10 mails regarding the wanted information in the blog. Thanks for your interest in developing the blog... http://tiruppur-city.blogspot.com

    Saturday, June 12, 2010

    Creating a blog for my home town: Tiruppur

    Hello friends ...

    When i excel in blogger, why shouldn't i create a develop a blog for my own home town, Tiruppur... So i started the job. the url is
              http://tiruppur-city.blogspot.com   and friends... please without any extended help from you people, i'll not able to make this blog a successful one. So help me in making this blog a grand success... And i wish to make this blog a place where all the people from our city must be able to get what ever they want. What ever may be, it may be ranging from booking a ticket in a theatre to finding the address of a hospital and many more ... And another, creating such a blog will make our city stand out in the internet. Really, i feel proud in saying that i'm a tiruppur resident. If you too feel that, just mail all the facts and information that you find about tiruppur that are worth to be posted here to the mail address, tiruppurcity@ymail.com
    And you may mail all your information to my personal mail ids also,
    mvivekanandan@live.in ..........

    Expecting a great thing from you ................................................................................................

    Thursday, June 10, 2010

    I have created a subdomain for my personal webblog

    I have created a sub domain in my domain http://vivekanandan.in and then i have redirected it to my blogger blog, that is http://infinitevivek.blogspot.com
    And now the new address for my Personal Blog will be http://blog.vivekanandan.in

    Wednesday, June 9, 2010

    Please take my poll

    You may look at the poll at the end of all the posts in this page. Please take my poll and let me improve in all the aspects...

    Apple introduces iPhone 4

    Apple introduces the next diamond in its variety. That is , Apple introduces iPhone 4 for its lovers. A season for iphone lovers ...
    Visit this link for more ...

    Currently creating a video tutorial to develop a web browser in Visual Studio 2010

    Hello friends...
    I am currently working on a interesting task of creating a tutorial video for developing a web browser in Visual Studio 2010.
    I will upload my tutorial video in my Website , in this Web Blog,  in my Web Blog on Visual Studio 2010 and also in You Tube...
    Keep touching this blog for the video ...
    Or visit http://visual-studio10.blogspot.com 

    Make your own community toolbar

             Create a tool bar on your own for your community or for your company. It is very simple and doesn't require any programming skills or any other scripting language. Just your creativity will bring your toolbar a successful one..

    YouTube's Interactive Transcripts ...!!!

             YouTube added a cool feature for videos with closed captions: you can now click on the "transcript" button to expand the entire listing. If you click on a line, YouTube will show the excerpt from the video corresponding to the text. If you use your browser's find feature, you can even search inside the video.
    Click this for more informations ...

    Monday, June 7, 2010

    You are my Honey Bunch - - Cuppy Cake

    Old Is Really Gold ...
    Even now this song is my mobile's ringtone .... i feel chilled and everyone turn to me when my mobile is ringing.. Such a beautiful song to be enjoyed ... For further history of this particular song and the artist log on to my website or follow the link ....

    Saturday, June 5, 2010

    Google's Logo has a change today : June 05, 2010

    Today's Date: Saturday, June 05, 2010 
    Google Inc, has changed their logo in Google.com ... It sounds pretty interesting. Visit the page...
    It is all about Dennis Gabor, a famous Britain-Hungarian electrical engineer, well known for his HOLOGRAPHY invention. Visit the Google's Home Page and click the logo for more information (Only today: Saturday, June 05, 2010)

    My Website Updated !!! ;-) Visit and get freezed

    Ya... This post is about my own website. I have a lot of things updated in my website. Find those things...

    And also i have updated the most wanted column of my website,
    And in future, a great is thing is that, you will be able to subscribe for the changes that i made in my website. So that you will be able to follow all my updates and posts easily...
    And don't forget to visit these links,
    Stay Tuned & Get Screwed ........ visit http://vivekanandan.in

    Thursday, June 3, 2010

    Bhumi Chennai, a serving community...

    It is all about a non profit organization serving the community and under-privileged children. A cool thing to noted and a must thing to be participated.
    Visit my website for more info regarding it, Click here
    Else visit the community site directly... www.bhumichennai.org

    Drag This To Your Browser's Bookmarks