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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Election Anthem 2011 by Hip Hop Tamizha !!!

        Tamilnadu election fever is very high and hot campaigns are going on. And why all these people work for this particular election very hard. Any reason behind. Simple and single reason is for the betterment of the people. All these works are only for public who has got the complete authority to choose their next leader for the state. So are we ready for the election ??? Are we ready to vote for the right proper team who will lead our state and people with a great care and respect ??? If you don't have an answer for my question,the video below will inspire you to elect your right candidate.
Ezhuvoam Vaa  - A Citizens Network Anthem for the Clean and Fair Elections Campaign 2011.      by Hip Hop Tamizha


Vote for the leaders who will lead their nation to the glorification !!!

The slogan and the Pledge of the Citizen's Network would be 
Make me a Promise - Do Not Sell My Future.Vote Right

     The official Anthem " Ezhuvoam Vaa" has been written ,composed and performed by Adhi of HipHop Tamizha. Supporting Vocals have been done by Siraj, Karthick Srinivas,Aakansha ,Neil Sebastian and Jennifer. The Team behind the logistics of the song along with the artists  are Aswin ,Naresh ,Vignesh Subramanian and Jeeva. 

Youth ExNoRa International has launched the "Clean and Fair Elections Campaign 2011" at Cuddalore on March 4th,2011. The aim of the campaign has been constituting the Citizen's Network by absorbing citizens from all walks of life , using a Cell Multiplying System by which each member will seek to enroll at least ten membersby explaining about the evils (corruption, caste-communal divisions and coercive politics) infesting the present electoral system and ways to intervene it, also stressing the importance of each and every citizen's right to exercise his/her right to vote. 


  1. Upload TEDx tirupur photos soon..

  2. What a wonderful title? Who had selected this title? Thanks for sharing this information.


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