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Monday, June 14, 2010

Adding Beautyful fonts in blogger/blogspot using Google Fonts

Blogger allows you to add some stylish beautiful fonts from Google Fonts Directory, so that you will be able to post your blogs with stylish headings and texts... It is really simple...

How to Add Google Fonts in Blogger Blogs

Google has made it really easy for anyone to embed a font in the blog. Just follow these steps:

1- Go to Google Font Directory.

2- Select a font from the list there.

3- On the next page, click Get the code link.

4- You'll see some code...                                                                  
    This is the code we need but when I copied and used this code in Blogger, an error occurred. To deal with the error, you have to close the link tag by adding /(slash) right before > in the above code
    So, whichever font you use, just add a / before > in the code of that font. For now, copy the above code and go to your Blogger account.


5- Go to Layout then Edit HTML tab and find closing head HTML tag (). After that, paste the step 4 code right before tag.
    After adding the code, save your template.

6- Now, we can use this font in headings and text.

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