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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Futura 2010, After 2 Days & Waiting for the 3rd or Last day !!!

         Wonderful!!! The most awaited tech fest Futura 2010 has almost come to an end. Clearly, after 2 wonderful tech dayz, most of the most wanted events have come to an end. Waiting for the last and third day. The day when all the results will be announced, and lumps and lumps of money will be distributed to the award winning participants and the techie project designers or developers. Among 100 projects, 3 is going to be selected and and they are going to be awarded with unbelievables.

          Paper Presentations for various departments have been organized and the results have already been announced. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd participants are going to be felicitated tomorrow.And for other spot events also. And my department's(Dept. of CSE) CRYPTEX is scheduled tomorrow, that is last day of Futura or 3rd of September.

Futura 2010, after its 2nd days, & Waiting for the last and 3rd day!!!
Cool Corners:

BIT these 2 DAYS:
      The 2 days, Bannari Amman Institute of Technology almost looked like an institution that actually contains the strength of 2 engineering colleges that had all the engineering disciplines.... Almost 6000 - 7000... Was amazed to look BIT in such a dress.

       MBA studs have laid their own shopping mall in the incorridors of Cafeteria.  Everything they had. Sarees, Shoes and Slippers, TShirts, ... And in eatables from south indian to different varieties of snacks that includes OOTY butter and pista cookies to Bon Bon ice creams.

BIT Futura Arena & Registration Committee:
       This time Futura started with a cool place called BIT Futura Arena. Most important thing to be noted in this is that the arena is the shape of OMEGA, which is the trademark logo of Bannari Amman Institute of Technology. And here all those participants who registered online came here and registered on the spot. The registration committee worked tirelessly. My Mr.Sadhan Kumar, one of the big shots of the Futura registration committee had no sleep for almost 3 days. Everyone was with a computer in front of them which is connected to a centralized MySql server. Looked like a big job. The team led by Mr.N.M.Saravana Kumar made it happen. And some stalls are surrounding these registration desks. They were the stalls of  eatables, Pizza Huts etc...

The rest of this article will be continued tomorrow by the same time. That is after the closing ceremony of the Futura 2010, An ISO 9001:2000 Certified National Level Technical Symposium & Project Design Contest. This article continues tomorrow by the same time. After the closing ceremony and the felicitation of Futura 2010...

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