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Friday, July 16, 2010

How To Become An Entrepreneur .... !!!

        The fact that one out of ten adults today work as self-employed entrepreneurs proves that to become an entrepreneur is not as difficult as some people think. On the other hand it isn't easy either. Strictly speaking no formal education is necessary to become an entrepreneur but a business background is highly recommended as preparation to join this competitive field. A small business or entrepreneurship degree can help prepare you to become an entrepreneur by providing you with the knowledge and skills that are necessary to operate any successful business. To become an entrepreneur requires combining a wide range of skills and entrepreneurship programs, to prepare you, are commonly interdisciplinary in nature. Because they are interdisciplinary entrepreneurship degrees require that you assimilate and study a host of different, but equally important, subjects. These typically include: business ethics, budgeting, communications skills, accounting, personnel management and sales. Recent technological advances have now made small companies better suited than ever to compete against larger or more established ones. Most small business programs know that basic IT skills are necessary to become an entrepreneur and take this into account when designing curriculum by adding classes that focus upon the IT aspect of modern business. With small companies creating 60%-80% of all new jobs annually there's no doubt that American entrepreneurs still can succeed and flourish in the modern business economy. And while the path may not be easy a degree in small business management or entrepreneurship can help you become an entrepreneur and begin a profitable career in the business of your choice.

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