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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Is it a Beginning of the End of Windows Operating Systems.

Recently one of the Dell important employees announced that Dell is going to change its OS from Windows to Chrome ... It is big issue that is going on in the current tech industries... Aprat from these things, the big question is that will people adopt for the newly built Chrome OS... It is going to be a unsolved issue for many PC makers..  Being the 3rd largest PC makers of the world, Dell's change will definitely reflect the users change to adopt the Chrome...

          Among these confusions, some experts say that "it's really hard to imagine" anyone "just dumping Windows." Microsoft's operating system is "so familiar and ubiquitous" that most users will be reluctant to drop it "cold turkey" for the relatively-unknown Chrome OS. Dell may offer Chrome "as an option," but "not as the go-to OS for its PCs."

"Dell is flirting with the idea of putting a Google operating system on some of its laptop computers. Is that a big deal?"

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