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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Will Facebook Leave Its 2.5 Million Users Behind ???

                   There has been a lot of unrest between Facebook authorities and some members on the social networking site from the Muslim community. After all the controversy that took place when Facebook held a contest of Prophet Muhammad's Caricatures, Pakistan had even temporarily banned Facebook in the country .
                   This time around, Facebook has deleted a few pages related to Islam like -- Facebook.com/Rassoul.Allaah and Facebook.com/Logo.Ramadan, Facebook.com/Quran.Lovers, Facebook.com/Love.Mohammed, which reportedly had a huge number of Facebook "likes" and fans. In response to this, a Muslim group has given the company a two-week notice to bring back those pages or have threatened to leave Facebook.


                   The group has claimed that the pages Facebook pulled down were "totally peaceful and free of any hate speech". The group went on to say that if Facebook doesn't take any action to make up for this irreparable damage, about 2.5 million Muslim Facebook members will quit Facebook and join madina.com - a Facebook-twin for Muslims. Their demands also include adding a Facebook Term that illegalizes disrespecting Islamic religious symbols and disabling any Facebook Page, Group or Event that shows direct or indirect disrespect towards Islamic religious symbols.

                   Do you think Facebook will bow down to the demands of this group and reactivate the four pages that have been disabled? Was it fair on Facebook's part to delete those pages? Leave us a comment and let us know your thoughts.

1 comment:

  1. Facebook ought to lend ears to this problems ..Social Networking is for the purpose of getting connected with each others and not for creating such problems .. If facebook leaves the users from Pakistan behind, then there might be a big hit to the Facebook Company, not only becoz of Muslim users but also becoz of their of their friends from other religions ..


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