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Monday, July 5, 2010

iPhone users get ripped off

       The iPhone is the most successful smartphone ever. Apple CEO Steve Jobs said recently that the company has sold more than 50 million of them -- and that was before the iPhone 4 shipped. Because of that popularity, perhaps, some companies feel it's acceptable to reach into your wallet, take your money and provide absolutely nothing in return.

       Using an iPhone is like taking a holiday to some corrupt country: It may be beautiful and offer simple pleasures, but you're going to pay bribes to people who shamelessly charge you for what's free elsewhere. Sure, nearly all cell phone users get charged something for nothing. For example, many carriers charge extra for text messaging, even though SMS messages don't cost them anything to provide. And some carriers charge that pointless 15-second recorded set of instructions before every voicemail against your minutes.

       But nobody gets ripped off like iPhone users get ripped off. Here are five specific cases where companies charge iPhone users real money, but in return offer nothing.

1. You pay $360 for mobile broadband you don't use
2. You pay $325 to not use the carrier anymore
3. You pay $18 for committing to a new, two-year contract
4. You pay $240 for the high-end data plan you don't use
5. You pay full price for apps you don't use

Source: Computer World 


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